Gifting Ideas

Bonsai plants offer peace of mind, eliminate depression and keep us energetic. These beautiful trees develop extreme patience, caring mentality, positive outlook towards life.


The tree that is given as a symbol of   love will represent a moment of passion, loving and giving, for many years to come. Believing it will become a living sculpture of the recipient’s personality.


Beyond flowers, now a day there is a trend of gifting greens as a mark of respect and endurance in corporate and government sector as well.


1.     Banyan(Barh) trees bonsais is a great hit among the government agencies because it is national tree of india and always remains low on stock with us due to huge demand.

2.     Portulacaria ,the Jade tree is a symbol of happiness and good feeling according to Feng Shui. Considered as friendship tree and lucky plant in western countries. This plant provides pure atmosphere, happiness and health to the people at home. The plant is strong, long lasting easy to care. Mostly developed as Mame bonsai.

3.     Ficus varieties are very much liked by our customers for its lovely shapes, shiny foliage and easy care.

4.     Fruit & flowering varieties are a special craze amongst our customers from all walks of life for their beauty and considered good luck for health and wealth.

5.     Table top plants are immensely liked by the professionals to have a feeling of greenery, purity and happiness around their workplace on their tables.

 We appreciate your love for this art form and individual styling. Delhi Bonsai is the easiest and most successful online shop to gift bonsai to anyone, anywhere who love nature. Enjoy the nature...