Caretaking of Bonsai Plants

  Caretaking of Bonsai Plants

Bonsai plants are a wonderful choice for anyone who likes green plants and loves their delicate style. Bonsais from Delhi Bonsai arrive with a lovely shape, plus a beautifully designed container. Here are the secrets to a successful bonsai.

Light and Temperature Instructions: An Indoor bonsai needs good indoor sunlight. Morning sun and afternoon shade is ideal having temperature from 30-350C during the day, and down to 150C overnight.

Outdoor bonsais need to be protected from harsh direct sunlight in summers by keeping them in shade and from harsh cold in extreme winter conditions.

Watering Instructions: Bonsais need ample water to keep soil moist, but it should never be set in a saucer or tray with standing water. The roots will rot. A Bonsai needs moderate watering when the soil appears dry, especially taking care that the soil around the roots does not dry out.

However the outdoor Bonsais need watering on daily basis(specially in summers).  The newly acquired Bonsais must be closely watched to establish a regular water routine according to the seasonal changes in climatic temperatures.

Bonsais feel happy when their leaves are moist. So, their leaves or needles must be sprayed with generous amounts of water often.

Displaying Instructions : An ideal height to display bonsais is at viewer’s eye-level. Bonsais are ideal for the displaying on the work table at a work place. The image and presence of a green shaded tree relaxes the mind and introduces peace and thus accelerates the performance at work.

Trimming Instructions : Bonsais  need to be pruned or pinched back to keep its original shape regularly. Pruning should be started in early spring, and trimming should be done whenever needed throughout the fall growing season. However, any of the plant bits should not be left on the soil as it may cause fungus.

Fertilization Instructions:- Bonsais should be fertilized from spring through fall, but not in winters. Since their containers are mostly flat, a mix of only half strength should be added only every three to four weeks. However, one must first check the need of each individual variety.

Repotting Instructions : Usually bonsais need to be repotted only every two to three years. Spring works best. Roots need to be trimmed while repotting, by cutting off 1/3 to 2/3 of each root to give it a new energy. Preferably a pot similar in the shape as the original pot should be used to repot, may be bigger in dimensions.