“Bon-Sai” Means” Tree Planted in A Pot”

Originally developed in the Orient almost 2000 years ago, today the sublime art of bonsai is practiced throughtout the world. A tree planted in a small pot is not a bonsai until it has been pruned, shaped, and trained into the desired shape. Contrary to popular belief, bonsai is not the art of stunting a tree’s growth.

Bonsai plants offer peace of mind, eliminate depression and keep us energetic. These beautiful trees develop extreme patience, caring, mentality, positive outlook towards life

Authentic Indian Bonsai

This section of Delhi Bonsai of Authentic Indian Bonsais, exhibits and puts on sale some of the finest collections of Indian trees, trained and semi trained as bonsai by various artists and some of the bonsai's from its own collection.

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All of these are designer articles with no other look-alike.

Contemporary Bonsais

This range of contemporary Bonsais offers hardy plant varieties . Delhi Bonsai has chosen these varieties according to their adaptation to the Indian climatic conditions. We have re-potted these in designer pots by adding all the required nutrition to the bonsai soil, so that you can enjoy beauty of these bonsais in years to come.

Excellent starting bonsais for bonsai enthusiasts, as they are hardy in nature, and can be developed in desire shapes.

These contemporary bonsais are makes an ideal gift for family and friends and also suitable for novices.